X8 Chairs & Tables is a Portuguese furniture company that bases its growth on its products and services’ quality and constant innovation.

Located in Lordelo, near Porto, Portugal, it is in the market since 2009. For years we have studied styles, trends, and images of furniture. Thus, since 2009, we have decided to bring together the best decoration, design, and architecture technicians to meet the current market needs.

We are unique because we want to do it differently. The product design team has been passionately creating and producing a wide range of beautiful pieces, with great sensitivity and young aesthetics, glamour, creating our own identity without neglecting the usefulness and convenience of our services.

We work to provide our clients versatile solutions that fit their needs. We have a clear mindset of quality and service at the heart of everything, supported by our expertise in design and production. With the latest technology, traditional skills, and production tools, we align our perfectionism to our client’s vision.

All our pieces are carefully crafted with Portuguese love and soul. We consider and ensure the quality of our materials to give the customer premium pieces imbued with a recognized Portuguese savoir-faire. We connect materials and textures from Portugal to the world, from the finest fabrics to the most prosperous woods, to successfully achieve the ultimate comfort.

After all, we have the expertise, but the design & comfort will be yours. Truly yours. Our design process focuses on the detail and texture, deeply into the subconscious to deliver unique moments.

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