Visor.ai is one of the most significant references in the Conversational AI sector. The company works with large groups such as Generali, BNP Paribas, Zurich, or Janssen. It aims to help these companies improve their communication processes by providing an omnichannel strategy with a client-centric and consistent service throughout the different communication channels.

The company improves communication processes via Chat channels, email, and voice, using artificial intelligence and providing a back-office that allows the contact center teams to have complete management autonomy.

We use Machine Learning to train our system in specific tasks that need automation and Natural Language Processing. This way, the chatbot can understand different commands and how to behave. We work with Artificial Intelligence and apply it to help companies automate their interactions. The interactions we are most used to automate are in a Customer Service scope and Marketing environments.

Visor.AI currently has around 30 employees and is growing rapidly and looking to enter new international markets to attract new clients and investors.

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