UEpro, a Portuguese supplier for injection molds, participated in the development of innovative PEEK parts to replace the conventional heavy metal components in aircraft.

The project grew from an answer to a challenge raised by one of UEpro customers from the aeronautics industry, supplying AirBus, Boeing, and Bombardier. The project included complex products and procedures in highly technically demanding materials.

UEpro built up the technical standards for tooling manufacture and molding in PEEK, reducing weight and providing high-level resistance. One of the innovative features of this development is reducing potential short-circuits near the fuel lines since it does not generate static electricity. It also brings financial benefits as parts made in PEEK are lighter than the metal ones.

This innovation led the company to achieve the Portuguese standard certification NP 4457:2007 (R&D+i Management System).

Portugal is a country open for business, ready to provide innovation worldwide. UEpro is one example of Portugal Open For Business.

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