UEpro is a Portuguese supplier of injection molds, along with engineering and design support. The company is located in the Marinha Grande area, primarily considered as one of the most prominent clusters for the mold-making industry in Europe.
UEPro is certified under QMS ISO 9001:2015. For more than two decades, UEpro has worked for several industries, such as Medical, Aeronautical, Electrical, Pipe & Fitting, Packaging, and Automotive. The company offers full service, from the initial concept of the product, throughout tool manufacture.

These days have been a challenge for all of us, but together, UEpro is developing innovative products like the “Bubl,” a transparent and reusable face mask. In 2020, UEPro built up the technical standards for tooling manufacture and molding in PEEK, safer & lighter high resistant parts for aircraft applications. Thus, the Portuguese Standard NP 4457:200UE awarded the company with a certificate for innovation.

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