Traces of Me is an ethical designer brand from Portugal created by Teresa Martins. With an Eclectic & Curated essence, the brand Traces of Me offers a selection of timeless collections of garments, home, and fashion accessories. Made of exclusive textiles and produced locally to raise awareness for the slow fashion movement, the brand aims for a more conscious behavior of the textile industry towards all the workers and the environment. 

Multicultural influences stimulate the brand’s creativity and feed the desire to be unique. At Traces of Me, the textile design is exclusive. By bringing together the most traditional and technologically advanced ways of printing and dyeing textiles, Traces of Me creates magic that can easily be sensed in the delicate textures of the fabrics, the fresh touch of the natural fibers, the smooth vibrancy of the colors, and the excellence of the details.

Visit www.tracesofmetm.com/en/


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