Comfort, Environmental Concern, and a Casual Design have inspired Tentoes Professional since its first activity day. Our brand produces safety footwear, combining technology and functional requirements, to respond to professional and more demanding clients.

The Research and Development activity has brought different product designs which make our shoes desirable to wear even after work. The company’s ideas come from a team of young and creative designers.

In 2019, with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing shoes, Carité started producing safety footwear, creating Tentoes Professional brand. Our brand shares an essential worry about the worker’s wellbeing and their working conditions. That’s why we decided to make it a top priority.

Tentoes Professional’s eco-sustainable approach aims at:

  • Using natural, regenerated, recycled, or biodegradable products for at least 60% of the final products’ weight;
  • Choosing among suppliers who can help us keep harmful emissions under control, decreasing water and energy consumption, limiting powders and noises, decreasing the usage of dangerous substances;
  • Improving the safety, performance, comfort, and ergonomics to protect the consumer’s health;
  • Designing a packaging that uses compostable materials and ables to optimize the space in stock;
  • Produce locally and make use of local resources to avoid unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Visit www.tentoes.pt/tentoespro


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