Having established a market presence over years of professional activity and always using cork as a raw material for creating its products, Sofalca works daily to develop innovation processes for its business area.

When testing our products, there’s always one thing that we keep in mind: to provide natural and ecological market solutions. Sofalca’s productive process is sustainable and energetically self-sufficient in 95% of its needs when using its biomass.

Apart from being a business, we define sustainability; we care for the environment and provide solutions for our client’s lives and those of future generations by marketing a highly sustainable product. Sofalca complies with all the environmental standards and is even a certified business in terms of cork recycling. Sofalca’s objective since the beginning of its existence as a productive enterprise has been to expand its business in different areas.

We want to be the best and to innovate constantly. We are ready to accept the challenges set by architects, engineers, designers, builders, and business owners.

Sofalca owns Blackcork, a brand for furniture and lighting, and Gencork, a brand for generative wall covering solutions. Both brands use the cork as the principal material, taking advantage of its unique characteristics, such as a 100% natural product and efficient thermal and acoustic insulation and sustainability.

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