Santa Vitória is a company of the Vila Galé Group that produces top-quality wines and olive oils from the Alentejo region.

Founded in 2002, SANTA VITÓRIA is a result of a passion for the vineyards and olive groves of the land where they were born. From the very beginning, SANTA VITÓRIA intends to harvest and create what is produced best in the Alentejo, passionately and rigorously.

Santa Vitória offers quality wines and olive oils, a regional gastronomic offer, and countless leisure activities in the heart of the Alentejo plain.

SANTA VITÓRIA vineyards and olive groves have nearly 327 hectares of plantation and welcome visitors. Visitors can watch the entire production and complete the day with a wine and olive oil tasting.

Santa Vitória is proud to combine the most advanced winemaking technologies with the added value of traditional techniques by preserving, for instance, grape stomping and manual harvesting.

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