With over 35 years of experience, RICAP SHOES, a Portuguese shoe manufacturer, presents itself today with a timeless style of footwear, open to contemporaneity while keeping the long-lasting handmade tradition alongside applying quality materials.

RICAP SHOES has been investing more and more in upgrading its styles to amplify its target base and introduce recycled and sustainable materials. The combination between the materials used and the traditional handcrafted methods allows creating a superior quality shoe, where the durability and the design are achieved without compromising comfort.

Crossing squares, walking through avenues and streets while wearing a RICAP SHOES on your feet is being able to feel the truly unique experience of complete comfort.

RICAP Group allows its customers to express themselves through various brands. They are supported by an adult, mature and responsible personality with over 35 years of working in the footwear sector.

Respected and recognized worldwide for its good conduct focused on creating economic, environmental, and social value in the community where it operates, in Felgueiras, north of Portugal.

RICAP values constructive sharing with its customers, suppliers, and other contributors.

  • Success is the result of commitment, where sharing is essential.
  • Admires those who take responsibility for doing the best for the success of others.
  • It honors diversity without a discrepancy between what says and what does, defends its belief in producing quality and comfortable footwear.

Visit ricap.pt/giveyourfeetapresent/?lang=en


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