Riberalves Codfish is born from the most genuine Portuguese Cure, one in which our codfish is aged in rock salt for a long time to be enriched with a unique flavor, a soft texture, and juicy slices.
Bacalhau Riberalves is 100% wild, rich in protein, and exclusively produced from the finest species, Gadus morhua, found in Iceland and Norway.
It is thanks to their process that codfish acquires the quality and taste the Portuguese so enjoy.
Additionally, its convenience is crucial for present-day consumers, who can make a codfish meal in minutes. This is a precious, high-protein fish with enormous culinary potential. It is also highly versatile and, above all, high-quality.
Riberalves’ activity is framed by national and international legislation and standards that regulate the sector. All Riberalves codfish have the Certification of Sustainable Fishing.

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