Quinta da Lagoalva Estate spreads along the south bank of the Tagus River, in Alpiarça, around 100km of Lisbon. Lagoalva can provide to every visitor an opportunity to have an encounter with nature itself, especially by means of the tight bond that the estate has to the River and its rare contrasts between areas of wet crops in great extent plains and areas of descent forests. The alliance between the tradition represented in the architectonic compound with its old house, dated back to the 18th century, along with the other labour backup buildings and the new workshops, adapted to the new contemporary demands.
The walnut trees of Quinta da Lagoalva (70Ha) represent 93 ton walnuts/year.
Our production is located in Alentejo and Trás-Os-Montes with the following varieties: Lara, Serr, Howard, Chandler, Franquette and Fernor.

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