Portuguese technology accelerates muscle recovery at a distance.

Plux, an innovative Portuguese company in the biomedical area, has developed MuscleBAN, a product that provides for the remote assessment of muscle performance, effort and fatigue and contributes towards accelerating muscle development and recovery.

In the current scenario, this solution enables the practice of physiotherapy at home: a small wireless device provides for muscle detection in real time, which patients follow through an intuitive App, where they can check if they are doing the exercises correctly.

The results of the physiotherapy sessions can be remotely followed by a specialist and prescriptions can be adapted to meet patients’ needs.

PLUX is an innovative Portuguese company in the biomedical area that develops monitoring and remote therapy products, particularly advanced bio-signal monitoring platforms. The Portuguese company develops solutions for leading companies from around the world, such as Intel, Vodafone Foundation, Charles River Analytics and DDME.

Portugal is a country open to business, ready to provide innovation to the world. 

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