“PÉ DE CHUMBO” is a women’s clothing brand designed by fashion designer Alexandra Oliveira, present in multi-brand stores in more than 30 countries. 

The brand has been imposing its characteristics in designing and manufacturing woven and knitted fabrics, using a unique handmade process. Mixing fabrics, yarns, and transparencies with different textures, creating contrasts of materials and colors, and highlighting each piece’s details, is the designer’s aim.

Alexandra Oliveira is taking advantage of the materials and techniques like the reinvention of traditional weaving to create entirely new patterns. “PÉ de CHUMBO” created all the processes of designing and assembling the yarns. It makes the difference: the simplicity of each piece hides an intricate process that includes cutting strings, weaving, and layering. It is an ingenious and artful way of doing, where geometry also plays a significant role. A tenacious process of research and experimentation, pushing both the tradition and the evolution of design, means that each new collection is also a learning process for Alexandra and her team. 

“PÉ DE CHUMBO” brings traditional methods back to life, making clothes that transpire a sense of contemporary lifestyle. In each collection, the brand reveals inspired and beautiful garments that show off the clean, transparent, and cleverness behind its making.

“PÉ DE CHUMBO” produces textured filigree expertly by hand, resulting in a plaited fabric, where every detail is born of the constant dialogue between the material and the idea, producing comfortable and unique pieces.

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