Moldes 2000 is a 20-year-old company dedicated to steel molds for plastic injection and die casting. Recently acquired by Gura Group, Moldes 2000 is your ideal mold-maker partner for a complete engineering process. For any project, from concept to production, the company offers the following services:
Prototyping: 3D printed, resin, steel & aluminum.
Engineering: Part development + Tool construction.
Cost-effectiveness suggestions – feasibility & mechanical/technical solutions.
Mold manufacture.
Project management.
Mold try-out.
You can rely on Moldes 2000 for Small Series productions plus direct OEM project management for ongoing projects.
Moldes 2000 manufactures tools up to 15T internally, or more if outsourced and under the company technical control.
Currently, the company is under the certification process for ISO 9001 & 14001 certifications and expects to complete them by Sept. 2021.
The company continuously invests in R&D to provide you advanced manufacturing technologies: LSR (Liquid silicone injection), + IMD (in mold decoration), + IML (in-mold labeling) + CIM (ceramic injection molding) + multi-component/-layer.
Moldes 2000 serves the industries: Automotive, Medical, Packaging, Caps & Closures, and Household.

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