Founded in 2017, Mesa Ceramics is a young and vibrant Portuguese factory dedicated to manufacturing and designing trendy and high-quality fine stoneware products.

Aiming to achieve excellence in production and service, Mesa Ceramics has an outstanding knowledge of ceramic craftsmanship combined with the best natural resources and the latest technologies available in the market.

At Mesa Ceramics, we work every day to construct an efficient, trendy, and modern organization focused on total respect for the environment and human resources.

“We are a young and vibrant factory focusing on trendy designs, quality products, and total respect for the environment.

At Mesa Ceramics, we work every day to produce and supply the highest quality fine stoneware tableware made in Portugal. We constantly develop and improve our manufacturing, design, and service processes to provide our customers fully customized solutions. The pillars of our production are capacity and flexibility.

We can efficiently respond to the most demanding private label orders for customers who favor design, innovation, and product differentiation. Entering the HORECA channel by creating a unique and differentiated image is a new commitment for Mesa Ceramics. We are a highly competent and experienced human resources team that came from the most important ceramic manufacturers in Portugal.

Every day we are focused and motivated on the future of Mesa Ceramics. Creating a human rights advocate and eco-friendly organization is a priority for us. So, we promote and encourage sustainable manufacturing and good environmental and humanitarian practices. We aim to grow and become a reference of trust, responsibility, and modernity on tables around the world.”

Francisco Braga
CEO Mesa Ceramics

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