Discover Marisol® Sea Salts, sustainably produced just by natural evaporation and traditional hand-harvesting in artisanal salterns, in the Eastern Algarve’s Natural Parks.

Marisol® Flor de Sal: The cream of the crop, forms on the surface of the concentrated brine. The fragile crystal layer is skimmed off daily and sun-dried. The delicate, flaky crystals dissolve easily and are ideal for seasoning prepared dishes.

Flos Salis® by Marisol: Our Premium selection of Flor de Sal comes in exclusively designed salt jars made from glazed stoneware, with a matching serving lid for the dinner table. The extra flaky crystals crumble easily between the fingers and lend a finishing touch to every meal.

New: Marisol® Flor de Sal Artisanal Sea Salt Flakes, natural or with Oregano and “Piri-Piri” chili pepper! (see product presentation)

Marisol® Sal Tradicional: Our traditional sea salt is gathered by hand every 2-4 weeks from the clay bottom of the ponds and left to dry in the sun. Gently ground and free from additives, it is the ideal everyday cooking salt for any culinary purpose.

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