Magnum Carlos Lucas was born from the vision and passion for wines to produce distinct wines. With the company headquarters in the Dão region, we own and manage about 200 hectares of vineyards. Our Estates and Wineries are in Dão, Douro, and Alentejo. Besides Dão, Douro and Alentejo, we also produce wines in Lisboa and Vinho Verde region.

Magnum Carlos Lucas Wines try to reveal the best of each region, respecting tradition, terroir, and sustainability. The growing concern with environmental questions is safeguarded with placing all the vineyards under an integrated production regime, with careful use of organic products that respect our natural environment, resulting in balanced productions.


Each bottle we produce tells a story and reflects our passion, emotion, and dedication. Our signature is “Wine & People”, by the hand of winemaker Carlos Lucas, celebrating in 2022 30 years dedicated to wine and winemaking.

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