Licóbidos is a family business that has inherited a whole testimony with more than 70 years of tradition left by his mentor and creator Abílio Ferreira de Carvalho.

We made a commitment to maintaining the quality and tradition. We are also owners of about 20 000 sour cherry trees, that ensure our self-sufficiency and maintain high standards of quality.

The Sour Cherry Liquor is a family tradition, with strong influences on the region where it is located.

This is a 100% natural liquor without colorings or preservatives, with an alcohol content of 18º, of limpid aspect, ruby color, fresh acidity, whit an intense sour cherry aroma.

The Brand “Mariquinhas” is inspired by Fado with notes of several Portuguese traditional elements in its branding such as filigree and embroidery, its image conveying the true Portuguese culture.

Taking to each of you a real taste of tradition since 1949.

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