When in 1857 King Pedro V bestows the Order of the Tower and Sword of Value, Loyalty, and Merit on “the winery facilities of Mr. Fonseca in recognition of their modernity, cleanliness, and efficiency”, it was already possible to foresee the quality and pioneering nature of this family business.

Owned and managed by the same family for nearly 200 years, the company has thrived because it always focused on the future and never relied on past glories.

José Maria da Fonseca started business in 1834, and his passion for wine growing has been shared by the family ever since all of whom strive to maintain the high standards set by the founder.

Shouldering the responsibility of what it means to be the oldest producer of table wines and Setúbal Moscatel in Portugal, the company follows the philosophy of permanent development, investing heavily in research and production methods, combining modern techniques with traditional know-how.

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