55 years of history

Our company was founded in Fornos, Santa Maria da Feira, fifty-five years ago by a visionary- Joaquim José Heitor. Nowadays, the company management is mainly assured by the third generation of Heitor’s family.

The development of JJ Heitor is based on a sustained growth model, triggering the most competitive advantages that the company has. JJ Heitor carefully selects the raw materials from the best national and international companies and focuses on the finished product quality and meeting its customers’ deadlines.

In all stages of the manufacturing process, advanced technology is used, enabling appropriate productivity and quality gains.  A solid handmade component is also a decisive factor in the value of the final product. The integration of design in our service adds value to the commercial proposal as a differentiating element of excellent quality.

Our company, which is specialized in quality woman footwear aimed mainly at exportation, has a strong presence in the leading international footwear events and a remarkable client portfolio in several markets like Canada, France, Germany, among others.

Joaquim José Heitor SA  faces the future with tremendous pride and a sense of responsibility.

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