Isolocork is the only system in the market ready to apply. Our coating can be supplied in the following ways:

– Isolocork mineral
Pre-finished coating with mineral coating for those who need high acoustic, thermal, humidity, and vibration insulation. Visible gaps with finishes of granite stone or sand. High impact resistance and easy to repair.

– Isolocork filler
Exterior coating for those who need high sound, thermal, humidity, and vibrating insulation, but no visible gaps.Granulated finishes at the desired color. High impact resistance and easy to repair.

– Cork Filler
3mm thick for indoor and outdoor applications where the primary need is humidity insulation and eliminate fissures. Product designed for quick and easy application on any façade. Wide variety of colors available.

Unlike ETICS coatings, you do not need to change the structure of the building (door sills and windows). Any way Isolocork Filler can be painted.

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