Viroc® Cement Bonded Particle Board
Viroc is a composite panel consisting of wood particles and cement called the Cement Bonded Particle Board (CBPB). It combines the flexibility of wood with the strength and durability of cement, allowing a wide range of applications both indoors and outdoors. The production of Viroc panel complies with the specifications of EN 634 and EN 13986 standards and carries the CE Marking Certificate.

The Viroc panel has a heterogeneous appearance with different shades randomly dispersed, resulting from the natural colors of the raw materials used and the chemical reactions. Tone differences may be observed on the same face, between the faces of the same panel, or between different production batches.

This brand is a Viroc panel with a varnish finish intended to be applied to ventilated facades. It has QB certification (Qualité pour le Bâtiment / Quality in Building) and has an Avis Technique Approval Document issued by the CSTB.

Main Features: Non Toxic,Soundproof,Load Resistant,Easy Installation,Fungi Resistant,Impact Resistant,Fire Resistance,Termite Resistant,Thermal Insulation,Moisture Resistant,Frost Resistant,Durability

Main applications: Facades, Flooring, Partition walls, False ceilings, Furniture, Design, Lost Formwork, Kitchens, Bathrooms

Valchromat® A Forest of Colour
Valchromat is a panel made of wood fibers colored in the production process. The fibers are impregnated with organic coloring agents and chemically bound to one another by a special resin that lends Valchromat unique physicochemical features, allows exploring the third dimension, the beauty of textures, and the best of engineering.

Valchromat added value comes not only from color but from the distinct composition.

Main features
– Moisture resistant
– Higher density
– Higher mechanical strength
– Allows working in three dimensions – mechanization
– Lower abrasion of tools

Main applications: Furniture, Decorative Panels, Partition Walls, False Ceilings, Flooring, Shopfitting, Exhibition Stands, Restoration, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Doors, Design

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