Indulac S.A. is a family-owned and operated, fourth-generation cheesemaker combining Portuguese traditional methods with Rebello’s family ancient recipes, since 1901! Established in the late 80s, the company is led by Mr. Pedro Rebelo, representative of the 4th generation of the Rebello’s family, one of the pioneering families in the dairy industry and founder of Martins & Rebello, in 1901 (today, our flagship brand, this company was the largest on the peninsula for years and a reference in the world industry).

We count with a fully integrated cheese manufacturing facility in Portugal, located by Caima River, in Ossela, north area, about 31 miles from Porto city and we supply locally and worldwide, from Major Retailers to Gourmet Shops. What moves us? Cheese lovers looking for new cheese experiences coming from a different origin from the usual ones and very trendy – Portugal.

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