IMPETUS is a brand devoted to the production and commercialization of underwear, loungewear, and beachwear. Founded in December 1973 with only six employees, it is now the brand leader of a group of 12 companies, of which 4 of them are linked to production and the remaining distribution subsidiaries in the main European markets. IMPETUS is in the top 10 of the leading European companies of the fashion segment and is focused on the middle/upper market share in Western Europe.

The brand is distributed in more than 35 countries worldwide. IMPETUS’s focus is on developing innovative products with an eco-design base. The brand has a genuine concern about the safety of the solutions designed for the environment and social and economic responsibility.

IMPETUS always seeks an approach based on five strategic pillars: Sustainability, social responsibility, transparency and traceability, innovation, and quality.

IMPETUS Portugal – Têxteis SA

Since 1990, Impetus Portugal – Têxteis, S.A. has invested in Design and I&D, employing skilled people and using the best materials. Impetus is a vertical company with its design department, product development, jerseys weaving, dyeing, finishing, confection, and logistics.

The vertical structure, the know-how of the employees, the quality of the materials, the development of the product combined with a strong logistics capacity allow exploring better the existing opportunities, strongly differentiated by technology, fashion and creativity, and intensity of service.

The optimization of production and logistics, with a significant focus on innovation and the most advanced textile technology supported by efficient information systems, gives the company a greater capacity to better offer unique solutions to its customers.

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