Portuguese vaccine against SARS-COV-2 in preclinical trials.

An intra-nasal vaccine that protects against coronavirus with enhanced response capacity in the lungs, from the Portuguese company Immunethep, will start to be tested. If approved, production will be undertaken with a company in Canada with which the Portuguese biotechnology company is already working on another vaccine.

The knowledge generated in the development process of other vaccines has enabled the Portuguese biotechnology company to quickly move towards trials for developing a vaccine for COVID-19. Immunethep’s flagship product is a broad-spectrum antibacterial vaccine, ready to enter clinical trials, but with the COVID-19 pandemic the biotechnology company decided to put the skills and knowledge they had acquired in developing new solutions into helping and stopping COVID-19 and its consequences.

The Immunethep vaccine is intended to prevent disease and avoid human-to-human transmission. Another product that the company is developing – antibacterial antibodies – will make it possible to reduce opportunistic bacterial infections that represent at least 50% of the number of fatal cases among patients with COVID-19.

Immunethep is also proposing a different way of administering the COVID-19 vaccine, intranasally, in order to increase the response capacity to the virus, which mainly affects the airways.

Portugal is a country open to business, ready to provide first-class research to the world. 

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