Green Aroma is an organic farming company located in the south region of Portugal – Alentejo – Évora.

Green Aroma is based on 2 pillars that are always present – Planet and Excellence.

Our biggest concern is to produce organic herbs in the most eco-friendly way possible.
In order to achieve that, GA respects the planet in all stages of our Eco circular farming model. Adopting this innovative model we guarantee that our herbs grow through the most eco-friendly methods available in the world since all the steps involved (from seed to your hands) in this farming model have the Planet as first priority.

As a farming company, Green Aroma harvests organic herbs and categorizes them into 3 different levels concerning quality. There are several factors that determine whether the quality of each harvest will be medium, great, or excellent. Nature of course has the prevailing power in this equation.

Green Aroma only packs excellent quality herbs!

Our goal is to offer our customers the chance to taste the excellence Nature has to offer when we all take care of her.

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