Global Wines was born in 1990 in Dão, under the company’s name Dão Sul. We wanted to be the biggest company in the oldest region of still and unfortified wines in Portugal – the Dão Wine Region. When we reached that goal, we chased other dreams and adventures in different areas and countries.

Today we are still the leading company in Dão. But we are also a company from Bairrada, from Alentejo, and even from Brazil. We currently have five wine tourism spaces, of which three have restaurants.

We travel the world, and we are currently present in five continents. Nowadays, our brands reach over 40 countries. We pair wine with gastronomy and bring to life the most incredible sensations in one perfect experience, receiving visitors from all over the world daily.

Through the language of wine, we make a bridge between a small mountainous region in the center of Portugal and the world; and we want to take the “MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally” marketing campaign to promote two of our leading brands:

CABRIZ – “CABRIZ is DÃO’s leading brand and the best-selling dão wine in the world. Cabriz reaches out to all market segments and consumption occasions, with the transversal principle that its wines are excellent value for money, confirmed by the main international wine critics.”

Casa de Santar: “CASA DE SANTAR Vinhos is historically connected to wine production. The wines from this noble house are renowned due to their tradition, authenticity, and nobility. This brand from Dão is known for its 200-year-old history, and the estate owns the biggest vineyard in the Dão region, with 103 hectares.”


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