In Celorico de Basto, the Quinta de Santa Cristina has a unique natural setting. It exists since 1733, but only in 2004 was it created as a company, a family-run business still kept until today. It has a vast vineyard with 60 hectares and wine grapes certified in Integrated Production and Global G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practices).

It has been growing exponentially in the wine and sparkling wines production and wine tourism area, proposing several programs and events.

The Quinta de Santa Cristina’s portfolio is vast but no less seductive. It presents several options for the followers of a single grape variety in the white wines (Alvarinho, Avesso, Azal, or Batoca), in the rosé with the Padeiro, or the red wine with the Vinhão. For those who prefer a blend, we invite you to try the Alvarinho-Trajadura, the Loureiro-Alvarinho, the Grande Escolha, or to discover the White Reserva with recommended grape varieties.

The sparkling white, the rosé, and red wines Reserva or super Reserva are equally excellent choices. They are very different in profile to suit all tastes, and they are generally fresh, fruity, and powerful, ideal for any occasion.


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