FRUSEL-Selected Fruits Ltd, has as its main activity and goal the processing and packaging of dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and snacks. The Constitution of Frusel-Selected Fruits, Lda coincided with the introduction of new business culture, taking advantage of development and experience gained until then.

Since then there has been a continuous and sustained growth of the brand, based on the experience of its employees, in the selection of their suppliers and products, customer stability, food quality control, continuous and permanent investment in innovating in its products.

With an approximate area of 6000m2, our new Industrial installations are designed and sized to provide high standards of quality, increasing the supply and safety of products, storage capacity, comfort, and an improvement in process control. 

Thanks to its quality of performance and risk profile, Frusel positioning itself as one of the backbones of the national economy, pursuing its growth strategy and competitive leadership, with an enhanced image and reputation in the market.

One of the values that constitute our basic pillar is our human resources. In Frusel we build our discourse from knowledge, experience, study, and advice in terms of balance, safety, posture, strength, and integrity.

Food safety of the products is a fundamental part of Frusel`s business strategy. To this end, we decided to implement our food safety management system. To ensure the wholesomeness of all products that the company sells, as well as to increase consumer confidence and ongoing improvement of the food safety management system implemented, the Frusel undertakes to:

Ensure food safety of the products we sell, increasing productivity and competitiveness in the market.

Ensure the identification of hazards related to the health of the products, establishing effective control measures.

Provide all necessary resources to ensure the effective implementation of the food management system, fulfilling the requirements of IFS Food Standards.

Ensure compliance with legal requirements, laws, and regulations, as well as other requirements related to food safety.

Dried fruits are rich foods and the main suppliers of proteins, vitamins, being a great food by the high amount of iron they contain. These are foods with low water content (less than 10% in their composition), and a remarkable amount in fat content (more than 50% of its weight), and protein (approximately 20%). The nuts are high in fat and protein. The type of fat in nuts is especially the so-called “good fat” (unsaturated fat). The sulfur content of the fruit is also important for the metabolism and liver antitoxic activities. Dried fruit contains no cholesterol and, in addition, it contributes effectively to reducing its level in the blood and protects heart health by reducing the risk of coronary artery diseases.

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