ÉLIO LARA wine sources are the Pebbles, a fusion between Monção’s terroir and our funder’s character, who as a child played among the pebbles where the vineyards grow today.

This wine is 100% Alvarinho, fermented in French oaks barrels. We carry out periodic batonage with fine lees for two months.

Our wine has a golden citrus color characteristic of the variety and presents an elegant complexity in the aroma. The citrus fruit, apricot, and some smoked notes with discreet floral notes are mixed. With a sleek and delicate entrance, it opens in a round and full mouth ending with some notes of spices. A beautiful and balanced acidity supports the whole set.

ÉLIO LARA wine: Alcohol – 12.5% ​​Vol | Total Acidity – 7 gr / l | Residual Sugar – 0 gr / l pH – 3.20

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