ebankIT, a Portuguese fintech company that developed one of the most international digital banking platforms, is partnering with thirdstream, a leading Canadian provider of onboarding software for the financial services industry. This partnership intends to bring their respective digital banking solutions to a growing financial institution client base.

The companies will build upon ebankIT’s innovative omnichannel digital banking platform that delivers online and mobile banking experiences to credit unions, banks, and other financial institutions. Deploying thirdstream in ebankIT’s Marketplace, brings collaboration to the respective companies’ product management strategies and sales approaches.

The companies will also build on thirdstream’s distinct deposit solutions and its foundational identity verification platform. Together they will leverage both thirdstream’s and ebankIT’s API-driven ecosystem, embedded in an ever-expanding ebankIT digital banking universe. That enables the ongoing incorporation of repositories in the critical areas of fraud prevention and identity verification for individuals and businesses. The two-layer ecosystem also enables automated decision engines, real-time account funding, document management, and integration to core processing platforms.

Working together, especially in this time of physical distancing mandates, ebankIT and thirdstream have established a mindset to help credit unions, banks and trust companies deliver nimble and adaptable services that help consumers conduct banking where they want, when they want.

Portugal is a country open for business, ready to partner with other companies and provide innovation worldwide. ebankIT is just one good example of Portugal Open For Business.

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