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From the famous “francesinha” sauce – prepared by Mr. Duarte and now being sold to every café and restaurant in the north of Portugal – until today the journey has been long and arduous but ripe with success. Brand Dom Duarte was born in 1997 in the town of Maia following the need to respond to growing demand. From here to the development of other sauces was just a small step. The company now offers a vast portfolio of products, such as pulps, seasoning, spices, condiments, teas and infusions, jams, and quince paste, a natural consequence of its great quality.

Dom Duarte has 2 factories in the north of Portugal with a total area of 4.000 m2, 5 production lines, 2 logistic centers with 4.000 m2 – one of them in Lisbon in order to improve distribution in the southern region of Portugal – a distribution fleet and more than 65 workers. The company holds a constant presence in more than 20 countries in Europe, Africa, and Latin America and develops a number of products for various industries.

In Portugal, the company commits to maintaining quality standards for both its partners and consumers. This explains to a great extent the growing presence of Dom Duarte in the different consumer channels: Retail, Horeca, Cash & Carry, and Large Retail. In light of these developments, we now may say that the recipes are homemade but not the company.

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