Doinn brings professional disinfection, cleaning, laundry, and linen rental services just a click away and in 700 cities.

Doinn allows property managers and property owners to manage properties remotely with the guarantee of certified services and cleaning protocols.

For service providers, Doinn provides jobs to be done and/or a Saas: CRM + planner + App For property managers.

Doinn provides a Saas for their operations and/or a selection of vendors in many cities for them to scale, calendar and PMS sync, standard cleaning guest experience, maintenance alerts, certified covid protocols, guarantee that the service is provided by professional, insured, and fully legalized cleaners. 

For any rentals or prop-tech platform: our API allows them to resell certified cleaning and laundry services to property managers/ property owners and guests. It brings them retention, exclusivity, and monetization.

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