We were born in 1993 in the city of Pombal and moved to the village of Sintra in 2012 where we settled our factory and began the production of frozen pastry products.

We are focused on the production of high-quality frozen pastry products respecting all the traditional flavors.

One of our main products is the very well know Portuguese custard tart that we produce in several different flavors. We also produce several other tasty products as croissants (brioche and half puffed), mil folhas, pão de Deus, rice bread, traditional napkin, palmiers, muffins, brownies, and petit gateau.

We have a whole product line of pies and tarts and we also produce vegan products (custard tart, muffin, and brownie).

We produced on a yearly basis approximately:

5.8 Million custard tarts

1.5 Million brioche croissants

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