Didimo, a creator of high-fidelity digital humans, announces €1 million funding.

Despite the global uncertainty brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, Didimo continues to win investors’ trust. The Portuguese startup raised €1 million in funding from new investors led by Armilar Venture Partners, Bright Pixel, and PME Investimentos in cooperation with the 200M Co-Investment Fund.

This investment reinforces the more than €7 million announced at the end of last year, which included a €1.8 million grant from the European Commission’s Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

Didimo is a leading platform for the automated generation of high-fidelity virtual humans. Their technology enables anyone to quickly and easily create digital human avatars that businesses and individuals can use to make online interactions more authentic.

While billions of virtual interactions occur every minute across our digital ecosystem, these interactions are still missing core human elements such as emotion, empathy, and nuance.

In this world increasingly driven by technology, Didimo’s mission is to bring the richness of human communication to every digital interaction by innovating the customer experience in retail, gaming, and virtual collaboration.

The Portuguese startup has operations in Oporto, Delaware, and Vancouver. Didimo’s pilot projects and early engagements include companies like Sony and Amazon.

Portugal is a country open to business, ready to provide the world with innovation. 

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