Welcome to Colunex®, where the love for sleep has been around for over 30 years!bWe work daily to provide you with a complete sleep experience, from the most comfortable mattresses and pillows to modern and personalized beds, lamps, and nightstands, which together result in a dream room.

At Colunex®, we internally control all phases of planning, research, development, design, production, distribution, assembly, and assistance of your products. Thus, we guarantee compliance with the most demanding safety and quality standards and provide personalized and direct service. We are proud to say that more than 100 professionals are constantly developing unique solutions that make your dreams come true.

Since a good night of sleep is essential to living longer and better, our goal is to continue breaking the limits of bedroom furniture and provide our customers with more restful sleep in a luxurious, pleasant, and comfortable environment.

Colunex is the union between high technology and traditional know-how that ensures the ideal sleep in a personalized bed.

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