Established in 1990, CMcadeiras is a company dedicated to manufacturing wooden chairs, specialized in the Contract, Home, and Healthcare segments. At CMcadeiras, we strive always to find a solution that is perfectly adapted to each customer. We offer a wide range of products, suited for all needs, having over 400 options available on our website.

CMcadeiras also offers a “Bespoke” service – customized products designed for a specific project. Such adjustments can vary from dimensional corrections to upholstery details. We also provide the possibility of creating a brand-new product from scratch, as per the customer’s specifications. No matter how detailed, when developing a new piece, we can always maintain the level of comfort that defines all our products. This entire process is only concluded when the customer is thoroughly satisfied with the result.

The main export markets are France, the UK, Spain, and the USA. We currently export to over 40 countries.

Each step of our production process is always carefully thought out. As such, we always have in stock several types of wood. Thanks to our PEFC certification, we are a company invested in promoting forest sustainability.

Throughout the years, we have been evolving and upgrading our facilities. We currently own five computer numerical control (CNC) machines, large-scale wood dryers, and several painting robots. Each finished product reflects both of these advanced technologies and the manual labor of our experienced workers. We have around 70 workers at CMcadeiras. Combining the knowledge and the preciseness that technology gives us, we can achieve the best possible quality.

All our products are carefully done to have the best outcome possible. We have a unique label for each product made with a tracking number. This way, we can keep track of our entire production process.

You can access all our products through our website, check out the type of wood they are made of, stain color, foams, fabric consumptions, and apply filters to find what you are looking for quickly.

Also, you can get your pricing in just a few seconds and download 3D files to incorporate into your projects. In just a few clicks, you can make a budget and directly send it to your client.

As soon as you place an order at CMcadeiras, you can access your order online. You can check the loading date, if the fabric has arrived at our company or if the chair is ready to load.

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