The Portuguese Textile and fashion industry is Europe’s last complete and integrated business cluster. It is also the most dynamic cluster that better interprets modern business models based on speed, creativity, innovation, sustainability, and market proximity.

CLOTHE-UP creates high-quality industrial products and offers integrated solutions based on decades of tradition and experience, enriched by creativity, technological innovation, and hard work, as a true partnership with brands and suppliers.

Clothe-Up goals are to design, develop, and produce apparel with the highest quality standards and passion for the dynamism that suits the needs of our customers, based on a global strategy of sustainable growth and recognition in new international markets.

The Portuguese textile and fashion industry has a reputation for the world’s shortest lead time, which gives CLOTHE-UP the ability to respond to a client’s request. Depending on the specificity of the product, Clothe-Up offers 2 to 6 weeks from order to retail delivery, a performance unmatched by any competitor in the global market.

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