The History

Founded in Cucujães, Portugal, in 1941, Centenário Footwear Factory has 80 years old, and it is already in the third generation.  In the beginning, it was wholly handcrafted and produced exclusively for the national market.

In 1984 Centenário built its new infrastructure and expanded again in 2003, upgrading to modern equipment and logistics.

In 2009 Centenário Goodyear Welted expertise also becomes part of our Golf Signature footwear and by 2013 was exporting 90% of its production to the European market.

What we do

We have extensive experience in men’s and women’s footwear production, although we dedicated particular attention to golf footwear production in Goodyear’s construction system over the past years.

Besides Goodyear, we also produce in Blake and Cemented systems.

How we do it

Time, patience, dedication, and the use of high-quality Italian leather and high-end finishing products, manufactured by experienced artisans are essential to Centenário footwear achieve an elegant and appealing final look.

Design(ing) the future

  • Investment in e-commerce and digital marketing platforms, which includes graphic restructuration of the brand – branding makeover to modernize and look more appealing and contemporary;
  • Website restructuration – a new, more modern, and functional website was created;
  • Creation of a new brand (with alternative lines) to complement Centenário’s traditional offer with urban and contemporary lines;
  • Investment in new modern machines and software;
  • Progressive implementation of Industry 4.0;
  • Increase the use of sustainable materials, methods, and procedures.

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