Casa de Sezim became the ancestral home of the present family in 1376. At present time, it has two primary businesses – the guest house/museum and the wine business. Casa de Sezim is located in the Vinho Verde region – a unique wine region. The wine produced at CASA DE SEZIM develops a smooth mix of aromas and lightness that makes it as delicious as a natural drink can be.

We are surrounded by forest, near mountain regions, and less than 50 km away from the Atlantic Ocean and the Minho river. This geographic location – with the vineyard’s altitude between 150 to 350m, in an amphitheater-like shape, exposed north / south, and a semi-continental climate provides our wine with unique qualities.

The Middle Ages appreciated the wines of Sezim, and there is a document referring to them dated back to 1390. The tradition is maintained today in our high-quality white wines. The production is limited and produced under integrated crop management standards.

In the 30ha vineyard, there are mainly native grape varieties. Our grapes are hand-picked and carefully selected before arriving in our winery. There, after being partially destemmed, they are fermented with temperature control between 12 and 18ºC. After these three weeks of fermentation, the wine matures for approximately four months in stainless steel vats.

Currently, we have six different types/brands of wine: 3 mono-varietal wines – Loureiro, Touriga Nacional Rose, and Sauvignon Blanc; and three blends – DOC, Grande Escolha, and Reserva.

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