Established in 1942, Carlos Santos Shoes is based in the North of Portugal and has a long experience manufacturing quality and timeless shoes for men.

With over 70 years of history, Carlos Santos Shoes has a unique look and an authentic feel. Carlos Santos Shoes creates and develops high-quality shoes for the high luxury segment, with carefully chosen and verified materials before the transformation begins.

Today, the brand is one of the most prestigious manufacturers of luxury shoes in the sector and one of the few brands to apply the Goodyear Welted system, a manual technique in which machines play a secondary role. Carlos Santos Shoes go through a process requiring more than 200 highly skilled artisanal operations and where machines are used to complement manual labor.

Portugal is one of the most esteemed manufacturers of luxury shoes globally, and Carlos Santos is one of its most excellent ambassadors. It is the result of a long way, made step by step. A path that never ends.

A 100% Portuguese brand named after its mentor, Carlos Santos, and, year after year, has reasserted the quality of its products on an international level with the ambition to offer unique quality shoes for customers to wear. One of the brand’s great essences is family, which is more than one of its values; in a sense, it’s the brand. 

Carlos Santos Shoes family values are present in the dedication among employees, loyalty to customers, relationships of years solidly built and nurtured with partners – wherever they are in the world. The idea that each customer, when buying the first pair of Carlos Santos Shoes, also joins this family – and that, from there, we started to have a lifetime commitment with him.

Carlos Santos Shoes took its first step towards internationalization 35 years ago. The brand is present in Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, and the USA and is preparing to enter the Middle East.

The brand has recently taken a special interest in the female market by investing in new and more feminine products than before. This development, supported by customers’ demands, demonstrates the client’s confidence and loyalty achieved through years of collaboration.

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