Bizay, founded in 2013, is currently one of the leading Portuguese technological startups, with a unique and differentiating platform for marketing products and services for SMB and professionals.

Bizayaims to become the ‘Amazon’ for SMBs for fulfilling the needs of these businesses for customized products, such as merchandising, packaging and consumables, business essentials, decorations, and uniforms, with professional quality at a fraction of the cost.

Based in Portugal, Bizay sells to more than one million SMBs in 21 countries, counting with 3 production hubs in Europe, Brazil, and North America. Bizay has a portfolio that includes more than 3,000 products, within several ranges (small format, large format, stamps, magnets, and design services).

Considering the company’s objective to meet all marketing needs of its customers, one of the priorities defined for the next three years is to increase their selection of products to 20,000.

This new range of services would include products such as textiles, bags, packaging, and consumables associated with the manufacture and shipment of orders, magazines, catalogs, books and derivatives, roll labels, and several sub-ranges of products for the HORECA channel. In the platform, customers can easily order all the marketing products that elevate their businesses, being all products customizable and at very competitive prices.

The price of Bizay products makes it possible to every business to get the best value for money for small and medium orders, when investing in marketing products, like business cards, postcards, flyers, posters, stickers, x-banners, magnets, etc. If customers are starting up a new business or want to renovate their image, another service that Bizay has to offer is the logo design.

For only $21.99, a professional designer creates a new custom logo, according to customers’ insights, and, in just 24 hours presents 3 logo proposals.

The purchase process is simple, and it is not needed to be an expert or a designer to order any product. There are design services available adapted for each individual need. All products have available template designs already prepared, and it is only needed to fill with your business information.

If customers would like to replicate their old design or even start from scratch a new one, BIZAY has these services for them. Of course, if they have a design ready, they only need to upload it. The company offers, instead of several weeks, the possibility to customer receives in 48 hours and guaranteed quality. 

Bizay presents itself as a customer-facing brand ensuring high-quality levels.

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