Automaise is a no-code/low-code AI platform to quickly build, deploy and operate robust intelligent solutions with a focus on customer service optimization.

“Automaise Support Genius” is an AI-based agent assistance tool that is designed to maximize the productivity of customer service agents & improve support efficiency.

Ultimately, agents spend less time looking for data and more time helping customers. 

Support Genius allows agents to be more productive by:

  • Providing context information, from multiple business platforms
  • Suggesting Next-Best-Action
  • Gathering missing information
  • Transactional workflows
  • Triaging & prioritizing tickets​
  • No-code AI Flows
  • Powerful plug & play AI Add-ons

Automaise creates an AI layer that is hyper-tailored to your business. Our AI understands your customers’ behavior by continuously learning from your best agents and training on your customer support data.

We augment your service levels and produce superior customer support outcomes for your customers and your agents in a matter of weeks.

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