Captivated by the traditional techniques of stucco molding, Iva Viana develops and executes at her atelier objects that arise from the fascination with the heritage left by Portuguese masters in stuccowork and the desire of reinterpreting it.

Among her works, one finds mainly ornamental plasters and custom sculpture projects made to order and personal creative works. Such are the areas where, traditionally, male artists prevail. She instills a unique feminine sensitivity, exploring a conceptual aesthetic expression, where fragments of the past get together, side by side, with aspects of a contemporary imaginary.

 With accurate contours, her works contrast with the magnificence of the materials explored, unveiling the eminent and audacious mastery over technique and matter.

At the same time, Iva Viana combines a kind of skill with transforming and disclosing ability, encouraged by the continuous challenge of harmonizing inwardness and outwardness. Through which, different extents and ambiances, interior and exterior, project and exterior materialize themselves.

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