ASPETO, a concept, an alternative for those who look for their individuality in one of the most obvious ways that the human communicates and presents itself: style, which marks our first impression of the world. We can all say that the way we dress defines and characterizes us. 

We promote “How you Look?”, the missing piece, the design allied to irreverence, united by the uniqueness of each piece and the unique price/quality ratio. All ASPETO creations express a purpose, an idea, a critique, an alert will, a message about important issues that surround us, the perfect union between concepts that make us unique. We present the link to music, art, nature, the trips that we idealize, we dream, and that we accomplish. The ASPETO vision is simple and determined, it lives in the delicacy of the details, as well as in the perfect harmony between the design and the environmental concern.

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