Located in Alcobaça, the western part of Portugal, Arfai works for more than 25 years as ceramics manufacturers, supplying international brands from all over the world.

With 25 years of experience in the manufacture of decorative ceramics, Arfai brings together design, know-how, and passion in each piece produced.

Inspired by the art and tradition of producing earthenware pieces, Arfai presents solutions in the development of ceramic pieces and their industrial production. Applying the know-how, talent, and passion for art, Arfai managed to create surprising pieces that combine tradition with modern interior decoration.

Consumers want to know where products come from, how and under which conditions they are made. If this is the time for your business to be transparent, know why having Arfai as your supplier there is nothing to hide: “The story behind your ceramics is safe with us”.

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