Created by Vasco Croft in 2004, in the heart of Vinho Verde, Aphros is a pioneer of biodynamics and natural wines in Portugal. The rediscovery of an ancient granite terroir endowed with Atlantic freshness continues through a creative and experimental mode in the cellar. Where a young team works with indigenous grape varieties (Loureiro, Arinto, Vinhão, Alvarelhão), developing a variety of expressions represented in 2 ranges of wines: the Aphros (classic profiles) and the Phaunus (natural amphora and sparkling wines.

History of the Estate
Aphros is an improbable child born in a lost corner, a 17th-century farm in the heart of Vinho Verde, northwest of Portugal. Near the Atlantic Ocean, in a rural village, lies Quinta do Casal do Paço, a typical family farm from the 17th century, cultivated in medieval times until the second half of the 20th century. In 2004, Vasco Croft, architect and anthroposophist from Lisbon, took charge of the revitalization of the farm by launching a wine project with his brand inspired by the biodynamic model.

After a decade of work, the company’s growth overseas led to acquiring a second farm and constructing a modern winery in 2014 to handle 20 ha of vines.

Winegrower’s philosophy
The process of wine begins with our absorption into the landscape,  Biodynamics being an inspiration of living ideas and ways of doing that help us express and amplify this sense of communion. 

We always try to nurture permanent fertility by balancing the elements and the relationships between wild and cultivated areas on the agricultural level. We use plant covers, animals (horses and sheep), bees, and treatments with hydro-alcoholic extracts in the vineyard.

We only use indigenous grape varieties, worked upon with an experimental altitude, where diversity of styles of wines is continually tested, giving rise to the Aphros and Phaunus ranges.

Loureiro grape accounts for 70% of the production of our white wines. As red grapes, we have Vinhão, a very original rustic variety of intense color and flavor, and Alvarelhão, an almost extinct type used to make the fine clarets of the northern Portuguese aristocracy in the 18th and 19th centuries.


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