With growth above the market rate, Caldas de Penacova Natural Mineral Water is currently the most sold brand in Portugal by volume. We invest annually in the modernization of our factory, as well as in our storage and product distribution capacities, in order to deliver the best quality and excellent service to all customers who come to us.

The company’s mission is to extract, bottle, and sell natural mineral water, using the best technology available to supply our national and international clients with a product of unquestionable quality, at a great price.

Caldas de Penacova Natural Mineral Water manufacturing plant today has production lines equipped with the fastest and most modern machinery on the market, in order to respond in the most efficient and quality manner.

We also highlight our constant improvements in storage capacity, enabling us to respond efficiently to all orders, at any time of the year.

Rigorous and committed, we respond to our customers determinedly, always aiming to continue improving our production and storage capacities, in order to ensure the best quality and efficiency in delivering our water, within the most stringent standards.

The commercial use of natural mineral water is duly regulated in Portuguese legislation, and requires authorization by the Directorate-General for Energy and Ecology, once approved by the Directorate-General for Health, and once evidence has shown that the hydromineral resource meets all requirements of the definition of mineral water as set by the European Union.

Caldas de Penacova Natural Mineral Water, thanks to its low mineralization, has a characteristic purity and stability, thus providing great balance to our organism.

Sourced from a deep aquifer, natural mineral waters are from unpolluted aqueous systems of original, natural, chemical composition, and exist exclusively due to phenomena of interactions between water and rock. For this reason, this chemical composition is unique, with no two types of waters being equal, and is a defined chemical standard that has passed unchanged down through the years.

Caldas de Penacova Natural Mineral Water wants to see the day when the usage cycle of our products is as pure as Serra do Buçaco’s water. Rethinking the future of ecosystems while guaranteeing their sustainability is today everyone’s mission that begins with mentalization and changing habits, one day we want to be proud of having a 100% recyclable brand. It will be another small step for everyone but for us a giant towards an environmentally friendly circular economy.

Help us to turn plastics, waste, and environmental pollution on its head.

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