Our water brand originates from the calderas of extinct volcanoes amidst the north Atlantic Ocean – in the islands of Azores, Portugal, a naturally preserved archipelago.

These waters aren’t part of the natural water cycle – they have a much slower cycle, hence are called the “youth waters”. Being filtered by thick layers of volcanic rock – there is no natural best filter – and stored for centuries inside its calderas. The percentage of fresh global waters coming from such sources is only 0.1% which makes Magnificat a very unique choice.

Magnificat is naturally sparkling water with its bubbles being so fine & small, that it pleases even people not usually drinking carbonated drinks. It´s ideal for exquisite foods & wines. Especially, if served at 14-15 C. Most importantly, one of the main minerals Magnificat contains is Silica, which is crucial for the human body’s balance and wellbeing.

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