Founded in 1955, Adega de Borba presents its brand as the first wine with a registered designation of origin in Alentejo. A global and cosmopolitan brand whose wines have an original and appealing profile gives it a unique prominence.
Adega de Borba wines have a contemporary and distinctive image. The various grape varieties typical of Alentejo and used in the vineyards are imbued with the traditions and flavors of the terroir of the Borba region, with soils rich in shale, clay, and marble. Combining the wisdom accumulated over the centuries, the grape varieties, the soil, and the microclimate of a region developed at an altitude between 300 and 440 meters, produces excellent wines, both to accompany the traditional Alentejo cuisine and to partner dishes from all over the world. Wines to drink any time, but also when celebrating social events with friends and family.

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